Hi sister, we are Katrien en Lieselotte.

Two sisters born and raised not far from Antwerp, kind of a world fashion capital.
Both with a passion for fashion.
Both very creative and curious.
Both wanting more in life.

Come and visit us in our beautiful store, located in the centre of Mechelen.
Guldenstraat 19, 2800 Mechelen.

Keep scrolling if you want to read about our manifesto.

We are your sisters

Self love is key and confidence is the best outfit.

The right outfit can make us feel real good about ourselves.
A new outfit can make us feel beautiful, confident, sexy & ready to take on the day.
Wearing an outfit that is totally you will boost your confidence. 
You will shine.


"My style is eternal."

But who are you? What's your jam?
What is YOUR style?
We don't follow all trends, we look for timeless pieces that are fashionable
stylish ànd trendy. We are creating our own trend, our own identity.


"We are a Sisterhood."

We are a place for Sisters of any kind. Mothers, friends, partners, sisters by blood and sisters by soul. We are looking for the right ingredients to boost our confidence, or just looking for something to boost our day.

Sometimes your sister needs a little reminder that she DOES look good, that she DOES look incredibly sexy, that she DOES look amazing... And that perfect new outfit was just the icing on the cake.


"Dare to wear the clothes you love."

Our clothes and accessories are for women …

  … who love to dress elegant, stylish and comfy
       … who dare to be bold and edgy, but still lady-like.
Our clothes and accessories are for everyday life
as well for a nice evening out!

We love fashion and we also love to create fashion.
In time we would love to sell our own pieces …

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Join us and make our ‘sister’-family bigger!